#BloodGang Trading Tools

Here You can find a list of our trading tools that was created by our team. Anything new will be added here. 🙂

Bloodline Long-Term Strategy

Long-term Strategy with EMA50 and 1W Timeframe Chart.
With Bloodline you can work on your long term trading entries and exits.

BloodSwing Indicator


A Multi-timeframe Strategy

This swing trading strategy uses three moving averages pegged to the 4H timeframe, to enter and exit the market on the 1H timeframe.

The 200 EMA (4H timeframe) is used to identify areas of support. If this moving average shows signs of support (shown as green circles under candles), the 18 and 22 moving average (4hour timeframe) crossover is used to enter the market, but on the 1 hour chart (for more accuracy) and only after an increase in volume on the 1 hour timeframe has been detected.